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Commercial Pilot License

commercial pilot license

The commercial pilot license is required to receive compensation as a professional pilot. Each country has its own requirements for the commercial pilot license although these can be similar. In this article, we will discuss the FAA commercial pilot requirements in the United States.

The FAA commercial pilot license is the minimum requirement to receive compensation as an aviator. Pilots who fly for the airlines have additional requirements that include the ATP certificate and aircraft type ratings. Commercial pilots can have various types of flying jobs including:

Drone Pilot License

drone pilot license

Several years ago owning a drone was considered very rare. They were used by the military and a few people had them for commercial drone pilot jobs, however they were expensive and it was hard to get a license.

These days it’s quite a different story and a lot of people own different kinds of drones. Most of them use the drones as a hobby and personal enjoyment and they don’t need a license, however everyone else has to go through the process of getting a drone license.

Choosing a Flight School

choosing a pilot school

Who doesn’t love flying? It’s quite the awarding adventure, not to mention it’s every kid’s dream. However, very few of those kids actually take the decision to enroll in a flight school so they can become pilots. If that dream stayed with you to adulthood and you still want to fly, then I suggest you keep on reading this article, which will help you choose the perfect pilot school for you.

Helicopter License

helicopter license

If you have dreamed of getting your helicopter license, now is the time to become a helicopter pilot. There are numerous helicoptor job opportunities for pilots with a helicopter license, such as tourism, news stations, or just for fun. Earning a helicopter license is challenging, but rewarding aviation career choice for many people, but perhaps the best thing about being a helicopter pilot is that most anyone can become one.

Aviation Universities Combating the Pilot Shortage

pilot shortage

One issue that the airline industry faces is the lack of qualified first officers. Major airlines are recruiting pilots from the regional airlines based on their seniority. This alone is not problematic. The problem is that so many major carriers are adding these kinds of pilots to their crews that it creates a gap. The industry is flooded with those with seniority and there is not enough saturation of qualified new pilots coming into the regional airline system.

How to earn your private pilot's license?

private pilot license

With the proper training and dedication, almost anyone can become a private pilot. Earning your private pilot certificate will allow you to rent or buy a small airplane to fly at your leisure, or take passengers with you to enjoy your newfound freedom. Learning how to fly will require finding a local flight school, an aircraft rental, and a FAA certified flight instructor. Your training will include classroom work, home study, and flight instruction, culminating in an FAA written test and a flight test with a FAA examiner.

Pilot Kneeboard


Folding kneeboard helps with cockpit organization, and serves as the pilot's desk during flight. The left panel has ample room for small books, papers and items that don't fit elsewhere. The center panel holds the kneeboard under clear plastic with a pen/pencil holder and buttonholes on either side allowing a pilot to fold back one or both panels with the legband. The right-hand panel contains a clear pocket for easy map viewing.

Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth Review

bose A20

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth has made a mark as the best technologically advanced headset its creators have ever made. Almost 20 years back, Bose had introduced the active noise reduction aviation headsets that entirely changed the flying experience for pilots all over the world. And now, with the introduction of Bose A20 Aviation Headset, a totally new standard has been set for the pilots. 

David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset

This new David Clark DC PRO-X Hybrid Electronic Noise-Cancelling Aviation Headset, is nothing like the previous models of David Clark. It is modern, filled with advanced technologies, and not only serves better, but also gives a very elegant look. Shifting from the green, this is actually available in black color and thus, can be used by anyone, anywhere. David Clark is famous for its quality, ruggedness and reliability and this new DC PRO-X Hybrid retains the brand name. 

Lightspeed Sierra ANR Aviation Headset Review

Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset Review

Lightspeed SIERRA ANR Aviation Headset is one of the consumers’ favorite headsets designed to deliver comfort, quite, active noise reduction and Bluetooth connectivity as well as other advanced features that you can expect from Lightspeed. With the ear seals and sturdy fiber construction reinforced with polymer construction, Sierra is one of the most durable headsets available in the market. The headset has reversible headband design that allows microphone placement from left or right, which is all you need for a budget-priced premium ANR headset.  

E6B Flight Computer

e6b flight computer

The E6B flight computer is an analog slide rule type of flight computer. The E6B also has the nickname the “Whiz Wheel”. The E6B has mostly been replaced with on board electronic flight computers, but is still used for flight training or as a backup. With the E6B, a pilot can do many flight planning calculations. These include: wind correction, fuel burn, time and distance, and ground speed. The E-6B was invented in the late 1930's by Navy Lt. Philip Dalton and became very popular for military and airline use.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Review

omega speedmaster professional review

The Omega Speedmaster Professional watch is a significant and historical timepiece, especially in the aviation and aerospace industry, and is one of the most trusted watches today for pilots and astronauts alike. This watch has been on numerous flights both around Earth and into space, most famously on the Gemini and the Apollo space missions. Today, the Omega Professional watch continues to be a trusted source for timekeeping, and for good reason; it’s a reliable, easy to use, and incredibly accurate watch. 

Aviation and Pilot Insurance

pilot insurance

So you’ve become a pilot; you have the experience, the hours, and are ready to take on the skies in full force. However, you are operating a vehicle that is several tons heavier than you are, with a small but very real risk of injury or death. Like anyone who drives a vehicle, you are going to want to look for some kind of life insurance that protects you in the event of an accident. However, looking for the right kind of pilot insurance that suits your needs is difficult at best, as it’s not as widely advertised as car or even boating insurance.

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